Adam Brock

Front End Developer, Melbourne

I've been working in digital agencies for over 9 years. Previously at Leo Burnett, now happily at Tundra.

Clients I've worked with include:

I care about integrity, simplicity and design systems to build performant websites/applications that are accessible and responsive to everyone on any device.

I run the DesignOps Melbourne Meetup with Ch'an Armstrong because I believe that the distance between design and development should be zero.

I've given a few talks about DesignOps, including:

I don't enjoy wasting time or souless meetings, so I built a web app called Death by Meeting to track both.

I also created a fake agency, Digital Agency, as an elaborate way to recruit developers who worship at the altar of fun.

Some things I like using: Sass, Javascript (ES6), Node.js, Vue.js, Electron, Socket.IO, SVG, Webpack, AWS, Hugo, Serverless, Docker, Netlify, Yeoman and Craft CMS.

Not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter — but you can be creepy and stalk me on LinkedIn if you really want to.

I never save anything for the swim back.